About Us

Our Mission Statement

Kreuzer Consulting Group (KCG) will be a “client-driven” firm, focused on providing top quality products and services, always exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Our ultimate goal will be to add value to our clients’ projects and organizations with each and every endeavor we undertake.

In the end, KCG will be known as a reputable and responsive firm who truly cares about their clients. In our clients’ eyes, a very difficult or critical project will always be “a job for KCG.”

About the Company

KCG was formed on July 1, 2009 by our president, Rick Kreuzer, after spending the last 33 years as a professional civil engineering design consultant serving the public sector. Having spent his entire career running projects and being intimately involved with all clients as well as day to day design of his projects, Mr. Kreuzer founded the company with the goal and objective to serve the public sector with top quality project delivery led by the most seasoned engineers in the industry.

The KCG Difference

At KCG, we believe that the ultimate success of a project depends on two elements. The first is technical execution of the design. Our firm excels at achieving this deliverable because our project managers understand the entire project process and understand the technical background of the design itself. The second major factor is project management. The cornerstone of our management philosophy is to “stay in front of any potential issues” during each project we undertake. We feel strongly that many engineering firms today don’t provide true project management, instead relying too heavily on agency staff and excessive hand-holding from all parties involved in the project. Our seasoned engineers are selected for their management capacity and have a proven track record of effective project leadership as well as budgeting and scheduling coordination.

Contact Us

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