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About Us

Kreuzer Consulting Group

Since its inception in 2009, Kreuzer Consulting Group (KCG) has dedicated itself to the pursuit of client-focused civil engineering and project management. Led by Rick Kreuzer, with over three decades of experience in the public sector, KCG is built upon the principle of adding value to every project, always striving to exceed client expectations.

Our unique strength lies in a two-fold approach: expert technical execution and robust project management. We equip our experienced engineers with a deep understanding of the design process and empower them to lead, ensuring we stay proactive and consistently deliver top-quality projects. At KCG, we believe in true project management, setting us apart in an industry that often overlooks its importance.


Why Our Customers Love Us

“The KCG Team was instrumental in developing the vision for Fiesta District Revitalization Program by working closely with a wide variety of stakeholders to build consensus. They worked effectively and proactively with the contractor, City staff and management, and the Public and other stakeholders to deliver the initial project in the District, a much needed streetscape enhancement of the Southern Avenue Corridor.”

“The KCG Team has used a very proactive, collaborative approach to develop an exciting Downtown revitalization design which has been well received by the City management and Council. Their Teams creativity, balanced with an attention to construction details, has been instrumental in building community-wide consensus for the project which will serve to reestablish our downtown and revitalize our community.”

“Haydon Corp. has worked seamlessly with the KCG Team under a CMAR delivery process on the Southern Avenue Corridor Project in the City of Mesa. The attention to detail on their plans and responsiveness to suggested field revisions has resulted in delivering this important streetscape enhancement project on time and within budget.”

“The quality of their plans and project deliverables is always excellent. Most importantly, the City appreciates the value Mr. Kreuzer and his team provide us, which is a direct result of the proactive and day to day hands on management approach Mr. Kreuzer brings to all of our projects, large and small. We would highly recommend KCG for your engineering needs.”

Mark Ahlstrom

Deputy City Engineer
City of Mesa, AZ

Chino Consunji, PE

Director of Public Works, City Engineer
City of West Covina

Gary Haydon, President

Haydon Corp

Natalie Meeks, PE

Director of Public Works
City of Anaheim and National APWA Top 10
Leader of the Year, 2015