Engineering Your Future with Quality and Precision – The Kreuzer Consulting Group Story

Welcome to Kreuzer Consulting Group (KCG), where our commitment to excellence sets the standard for civil engineering services. Founded by industry veteran Rick Kreuzer in 2009, KCG upholds a “client-driven” ethos, always striving to surpass your expectations. Our objective is simple yet profound – to add unparalleled value to your projects while cementing our reputation as a reliable, responsive, and trustworthy partner.”


Our Mission

Quality. Service. Success.

At KCG, we center our mission around three core principles: Quality, Service, and Success. We firmly believe that every project, no matter how challenging, can be “a job for KCG.” Our client-focused approach, coupled with our commitment to deliver top-tier products and services, is the engine that drives us towards this mission.

  • Delivering top-quality civil engineering solutions

  • Providing exceptional client service and support

  • Ensuring project success through technical execution

  • Proactive project management to prevent potential issues

  • Ensuring time and budget compliance

  • Striving for continuous improvement and innovation

The KCG Difference

The distinction of KCG lies in our holistic approach to project management. We prioritize both technical execution and robust project administration, unlike many other firms that rely heavily on agency staff and excessive guidance. Our seasoned engineers bring their extensive expertise and management capabilities to the forefront, ensuring the successful delivery of your projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be known as a reputable and responsive firm that genuinely cares about our clients. We envision ourselves as the first port of call for any complex or critical project, and we strive to maintain this reputation with each endeavor we undertake.

Our Legacy

Since our establishment in 2009, we have been living up to the vision of our president, Rick Kreuzer. With over three decades of experience serving the public sector, we’ve aimed to bring his goal to fruition – to provide top-quality project delivery led by the industry’s most seasoned engineers.